Snowball, Morty’s old pup that gained hyper-intelligence, has built a thriving society of canines on the planet of Dogg-One. Unfortunately, a smaller species has taken exception to the dog advancements, the squirrels.

Strategically, the squirrel population takes an offensive approach toward the dog planet. Although, Snowball was well-prepared for war. The result is an all-out war on Dogg-One that culminates with the reveal of the true mastermind behind the animal war.


Our Take:

The Rick and Morty Presents comic series has grown substantially over the years. Becoming a thick collection of one-shot books featuring unique characters from across the Rick and Morty multiverse. Stories include fan favourites such as Birdperson, Pickle Rick, and even The Vindicators.  

Now it is time for the beloved “Lawnmower Dog” himself, Snowball. Although the fluffy white-haired canine has appeared throughout the animated series, this is his first comic series.

Oni Press has paid the character due bringing together veteran writer, Chris Daniels, and talented illustrator Devaun Dowdy. This issue got the treatment with an assortment of variant covers including an exclusive for this weekend’s New York Comic-Con.  

The title of the one-shot comic makes a bold promise of Snowball (I refuse to call him by his slave name) going to war. Not only does the story deliver, but it does so in an unexpected way. Rick and his innocent grandson are suspiciously uninvolved with the chaos – at least it is made out to seem that way. Their appearance is seemingly limited to the exposition of Snowball’s backstory. By the end, the titular characters end up being a much more significant part of the plot.

The bulk of the story puts the focus on the two bustling societies destined for war. On the one side is Snowball’s canine dystopia. On the other, an underground Illuminatus of squirrels. The latter being the instigators are kindled by the former’s advanced potential.  

Most excitingly, the conflict reaches culmination within a single issue. As promised, war breaks out between the pages. This includes the strategies and tactics that both sides utilize. The action-packed story fills the short story with the same volume of content that we have come to expect from the original series. And it helps the reading to flash by without a down moment.

Finally, unlike many of the other Rick and Morty Presents one-shots, this book sets up a potential sequel. After diplomacy wins the day the battle may turn into a much larger war. It would be unique and interesting to see one of these single issues expand into a mini-series.

Regardless, it is hard not to like any of the Rick and Morty Presents comics. The entertaining stories are quick to consume and add depth to an already expansive multiverse. This issue helped to relive some of the multiple questions that we have had about Snowball’s canine planet. Gratefully, they didn’t take it too far that it would not make sense any longer should the animated series continue utilizing the character.


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