“The Rickoning Part 5 of 5”

In the previous issue, the Illumiricki had dropped a universe destroying bomb on our Rick and Morty. Rick believes he was one step ahead of the attack; unfortunately, he is unable to diffuse the bomb. With hours to live, the family tries to enjoy their last moments. Meanwhile, Rick opens up about his true feelings for his grandson and the world around him. 

The story ends with the destruction of the universe and the end of the comic book series.

“Attack the Virus”

Jerry has been sick with the flu for several days. Despite not wanting to help his son-in-law, Rick finally helps Jerry out of his misery.  Removing the virus from Jerry, Rick puts it into a golem that soon gains sentience. When Morty shakes hands with the new creature, he quickly catches the illness, and it begins to spread more rapidly.


Our Take:

Everyone loves to give The Simpsons props for being able to predict the future. But now it seems that Rick and Morty comic books have their own precognition. This final issue of the self-titled comic book appears to have aligned with the craziness of the world right now in more ways than one.

It was announced months ago that Rick and Morty #60 was going to be the end of the long-running series. Months before a Covid-19 breakout, it is as if the publisher knew the ideal time to bow out. Additionally, the release date of March 25th has always been on the docket for this issue. And, now it seems as if this may be the last new comic book day for the foreseeable future as Diamond Distributors (the most extensive comic distributor in North America) is putting their services on hold.

It is eerily coincidental that Rick and Morty just happened to line up this finale with the apocalypse.

The story within the book brings its own coincidences to make you question the precognitive abilities of comic book writers. The conclusion of a five-part series opens up with Rick recognizing the doom of his universe. Resulting in our favourite characters, all finding their unique ways to enjoy their final hours. Tell me if any of this sounds relevant to today’s world.

What’s more, what is meant to be a joke about the comic book reaching an end, the universe within the pages is destroyed. If these comic creators do know more than they are letting on, this may have been too much information.

Finally, to be even more cryptic, the B-story also has some commentary on the world we are living in today. Though this book would have been prepared for publication at least a month ago, the second story is a short bit about a virus. Of course. These side stories tend not to develop anywhere and are meant as simple jokes; however, this one ending without resolution is extra scary. You don’t write a story about a virus spreading right now without a happy ending.

Besides being creepy in its messages, this was an epic conclusion to what has been one of my favourite titles. Rick and Morty comic books have been there for years through all the droughts of the television series, giving us a monthly dose of these brilliant characters. There may still be a future for Rick and Morty to return to their own self-titled comic books, but nothing has been announced, and it may be hard to replicate this great series.

For all of those in isolation for the foreseeable future, I would recommend biding the time with this great run. 60-issues of Rick and Morty getting up to no good. Beyond that, the series managed to build its own great villains and allies. There have been epic crossovers that stretch from the early days of the book to this final run. It is a title worth binge-reading, and we hate to see it end.


Jesse Bereta

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