Comic Review: Rick and Morty #43

“Wooby looby zib zib!  Dick and Farty!”







Things are going great at the Sanchez residence.  Which is usually a good sign that Rick and Morty are nowhere to be seen.  They have been replaced by the fun-loving ladies man, Dick, and the half-cat half-Morty, Farty.  It turns out that the true Rick and Morty have been captured in a Bathorvian penis prison.  Upon their escape, they get in a fight to the death with the imposters which typically ends with Rick Sanchez as the victor.


In the third installment of “Adventures in Public Domain,” Rick and Morty continue their quest of capturing the DNA of different characters with no copyright laws.  In the wild west, their goal is to collect some random, undefined cowboy DNA.  But, Morty is tricked by Tom Sawyer into painting a fence for him, so obviously Rick kills the famous character.



Our Take:


This comic read much like an episode of Rick and Morty.  In fact, I feel like more than one episode of the original series started out much to the same vein as the first story in this comic.  And, what else could you expect that for it to end with Rick in an epic battle to the death?  Unfortunately, that was about all there was to the story.  There was a lack of creativity behind the plot, and that is an important factor when it comes to Rick and Morty.  And, while there was some humour to the story, there was a lack of outrageousness that makes these characters so wonderful.

Dick and Farty, Rick and Morty’s replacements, were a pair of entertaining alternate Rick and Morty’s.  Dick is quite the white boy gangster who is all about having a good time.  While Farty was basically just another Morty, but as a cat.  What made this entertaining was how much the Sanchez family actually appreciated their new family members, and how well they actually worked for their family dynamic.

For the second issue in a row, there was a lot of action which takes away from the humour and adventure that we expect from this title. The action is great in comics, and the media is designed for it.  However, too much of it and the reader begins to feel cheated out of a well-rounded story.  In this book, in particular, there was a great lead up and things just kind of resolved without some sort of clever situation to wrap everything up.

Though, reading about penis prison was pretty hilarious.

The “Adventures in Public Domain” story has been a confusing ride.  This issue included the third segment in a five-parter.  But, it feels like it bounces around and I am not too sure where it is going.  Maybe, it is all leading up to a big conclusion in the fifth part.  Or, maybe this is just a strange ride through all of the public domain characters that the writer can think of.  Either way, over halfway through the overall story, I can’t help but be confused by it all.

Overall, this was an okay comic.  It wasn’t terrible and disappointing, but it also did not offer what I hope to get out of a Rick and Morty comic book.  With these characters and the source material, I think it is valid of me to have high expectations.  And, while we await new episodes, these comics are our only fresh material, so we should want the best out of them.  The show is wonderful because it takes big ideas and creates a wonderful satire to it all.  So, when the comic feels like it is doing nothing original it kind of falls flat.



Jesse Bereta

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