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In part one we get to read a reimagining of one of the world’s most famous disasters from Tina’s perspective titled, Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction Presents: Titanic.  In the story, Tina is the ship’s captain, but her crush on Jimmy Jr. causes problems as she fails to turn the “unsinkable” ship before it hits an iceberg.  The story takes a turn from history and Tina is able to problem solve her way out of disaster.

In the second story, Louise and Bob discover a mysterious stand at the farmers market.  Despite the warning shared to them by the old lady running the stand, Bob decides to sell magical pineapples on his burger of the day.  The daily feature becomes so popular that the diner actually gets busy for once.  However, things take a turn when they realize their customers are becoming obsessed.

Finally, Gene presents his Rhymey Rhymes That Could One Day Be Songs, with a burger-themed reimagining of Where the Wild Things Are.

Our Take:

The special Free Comic Book Day issue of Bob’s Burgers includes three different stories written and illustrated by the same writers and artists that work on the show.  Each story features a perspective from each of Bob’s children, and their wildly active imaginations take us on three completely different journeys.  For those that are fans of the show and had just picked up this issue because it was free for the annual event should see the potential of reading these characters in the comic form.

While Tina always creeps me out a bit, you cannot help to enjoy her strange rendition of Titanic.  The short story featured many of the best jokes and one-liners in the issue, and it definitely offered a twist ending.  The retelling was a step above Gene’s food-themed Where the Wild Things Are, which went down exactly as you could expect from the first couple panels.

Louise’s story was probably my favourite.  Mostly because it gave a little insight into one of my favourite long-running jokes.  Bob’s daily feature board always has some of the best food-related puns.  This particular story shows Bob and Louise browsing through the farmers market looking for inspiration.  Which means, we get a bunch of puns as they bounce ideas off one another.

Free Comic Book Day is always an event worth hitting your local store for.  The best thing you can do is find some of these treasures featuring characters that you love, in a book you may not read regularly.  Bob’s Burgers is one I am happy I picked up, I mean, who could turn down a free laugh?


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