Comic Review: Adventure Time FCBD 2018

Featuring Fionna and Cake



Fionna and Cake are on an epic adventure to deliver a bowl of punch to Prince Gumball’s Semi-Annual Punch Parade.  As the heroes journey, Cake is trying her best to finish her latest story and hopes to gain inspiration from their trip.  As they come across obstacles along their way, Cake is inspired to add a further piece to her story.  However, Cake’s interpretations tend to be much more dramatic than the real world.  Finally, Fionna delivers her drink to the Prince, but he tosses it aside, and the party continues, inspiring Cake to find her story’s conclusion.

Our Take:

This special Free Comic Book Day issue was a bit of a surprise. If you have one chance to capture fresh new readers to an Adventure Time comic book, it would make more sense to have your main characters Finn and Jake involved.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Fionna and Cake story as much as the next person, but they are not the characters most people know and love.

Unfortunately, I found this story lacking in originality and humour. The concept was full of potential to include a few short stories with one over-arching plot, but it fell short in delivery.  Cake’s stories all had a same feel and theme, and it would have been nice to see some fresh styles like other comic books featuring animated characters tend to do.

A free comic book is a free comic book, and I am not complaining. When you are looking to review a story though you need to be honest no matter what the price.  And for that, I honestly have to say this book lacked a lot of depth and had not inspired me to pick up further issues of the title- although, I am sure the series can do much better.


Jesse Bereta

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