Comic-Con 2018: “Final Space” To Fly Solo?

Sounds like it.

Last year, when Final Space made it’s San Diego Comic-Con premiere, the series shared a panel with two other animated series that being Close Enough and the now-canceled Tarantula. This year, on the back of a second season renewal, it sounds like Final Space is going to be fielding a panel all it’s own.

It’s gonna be a couple of weeks until San Diego Comic-Con reveals it’s entire programming schedule, but this good news could be the beginning of a strong con. We don’t know yet when the Final Space panel will be or who will be part of the event, but with a second season on the way, there’s a lot to talk about. Also, the show’s first season was buoyed to success by no one at TBS, so hopefully with new ownership, this helps.

Renewed for a second season, Final Space is about a spaceman named Gary who is working off a prison sentence and makes a mysterious new alien friend Mooncake who he immediately bonds with. But what Gary doesn’t know is that his adorable new sidekick is actually wanted by the sinister Lord Commander who will stop at nothing to use Mooncake’s untapped powers for evil.

Final Space is created by “Tennessee wonder child” Olan Rogers, who is an independent filmmaker, actor, comedian and entrepreneur with close to a million YouTube subscribers. Rogers and David Sacks are writers and executive producers for the TBS original, which is produced by Conaco, New Form and in association with Turner’s Studio T. Rogers stars in the animated series with Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny, David Tennant, Tika Sumpter, Steven Yeun and Coty Galloway.

Update 6/16: A panel has been confirmed for San Diego Comic-Con from 3:30-4:15pm at Hilton Bayfront Hotel on Friday July 20th. 

The following have been confirmed for attendance:
Olan Rogers – Series Creator, Executive Producer and voice of “Tribore”, “Gary”, and “Mooncake”
Tika Sumpter – Voice of “Quinn”
Coty Galloway – Voice of “Avocato”
Tom Kenny – Voice of “HUE”
David Sacks – Executive Producer

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