Corner Gas Animated Q&A with Creator Brent Butt

Up in the great white north, we do not have many celebrities that can be considered icons – at least not many that don’t play hockey.  However, Brent Butt is a face and a name that is recognizable from Vancouver to Halifax.  The creator of one of Canada’s most celebrated sitcoms has helped to redefine what comedy and entertainment can look like from a country whose media has always been overshadowed by their neighbors to the south.

Butt has continued to break ground with the popularity of his latest endeavor, Canada’s first major primetime adult animated sitcom, Corner Gas Animated.  I was lucky enough to have a conversation with Brent Butt recently to discuss how Corner Gas Animated came to be, what it means for Canada, and what we can expect from the second season.  The following interview was edited and condensed for clarity purposes.


Review: Corner Gas “Bone Dry”

It is the official return of what is arguably the greatest sitcom to come out of Canada.  Corner Gas, which ran for an impressive six seasons, and even has its own feature film, makes an animated comeback 14 years after its original debut.

Corner Gas features a middle of nowhere small town in Saskatchewan, Canada- if you have ever been to Saskatchewan, you know it is, in fact, the middle of nowhere.  The premise of the show follows the locals of Dog River as they try to entertain themselves and everyone is in everybody else’s business. The original series won multiple awards and aired in 26 countries, easily making it one of the most successful sitcoms to come from the Great White North.

There has been a lot of hype leading to the premiere of the new Corner Gas animated series.  The new sitcom boasts the entire cast returning to reprise their original roles.  Fans got their first look at the animated Dog River during this year’s Super Bowl and had been counting down the days to the premiere since.  Nobody has been anticipating the release more than show creator and star Brent Leroy who says, “I am very, very, very excited. That’s three “verys,” so you know I mean business.”

“It’s been over two years in the making, and I couldn’t be more proud of the funny, colourful world we call CORNER GAS ANIMATED,” said Leroy in a release.  “Nor could I be any more excited to finally turn it loose into the homes of comedy fans across the nation (and perhaps, beyond)…”

So, with all of the experience, credentials, and hype, how did the first episode of Corner Gas Animated hold up?