Comedy Central Orders “Daria” Spin-Off “Jodie”



MTV Studios’ Jodie has been ordered to series by Comedy Central in what will be an eventual pairing with South Park. The series follows Jodie Landon as she graduates college and attempts to navigate the world.

While Daria was a look at high school from the perspective of a not-very popular girl, Jodie will more focus on gen Z’s entry into the workforce as well as the challenges of the workplace culture being a black woman and how outside societal issues (brought up in both real-life and social media) could potentially have an impact. Tracee Ellis Ross will be producing and voicing the lead character. Grace Edwards is both the creator and head writer of the series.

Our Take

It’s about time Comedy Central gets competitive again. A one-time worthy adversary to Adult Swim, the network has seen promising adult animation put out to pasture before, here’s hoping this one sticks around. Daria went five seasons, it would be a failure if this show did anything less than that.

Now bring back Daria. 


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