CMT is messing with us again on new Bounty Hunters listings

This is getting to be re-god-damned-diculous.


So as I mentioned in the earlier write-up, CMT once again fudged up the listings for new Bounty Hunters as the new episode ‘Father Knows Worst’ was supposed to air last night according to, but instead TWO different reruns of something else terrible was on. So, here I mosey on over to the CMT Facebook page and despite the fact that TVGuide has it not listed as such, the page promises back to back new episodes of Bounty Hunters starting at 10pm EST.

Granted, its kinda cool to have now an hour and a half of cartoons to watch with Bounty Hunters on CMT and ADHD on FOX. But, I’m getting a little fed up with these schedule changes and hope this isn’t a sign of things to come for the series. We have a few more changes here that you should note, but don’t be surprised if the network changes it up again.

Bounty Hunters is all new this Saturday Night on CMT starting at 10 pm EST….we think.

John Schwarz

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