Check Out the Pilot Episode of Oracle of Outer Space

The full episode is now available on YouTube


The pilot soon began to pick up steam as more and more talent joined in the fray.  Some impressive credits include Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse and Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Dweezil Zappa (guitarist son of Frank Zappa), and popular cosplayers like Joanie Brosas, LeeAnna Vamp, and Ebony Amber.  And, by October of 2018, the pilot was officially ready for its debut at the LA Comic Con.


Besides many teases, most of us didn’t get our first look at Oracle of Outer Space until a 1-minute trailer was released on YouTube in January of this year.  Who knows where the full episode was aired in those months, or where it was pitched, but those hoping to see it had to wait a little longer.  Finally, last month episode zero was released on YouTube, and it was worth the wait.


You can watch Oracle of Outer Space right now:


The show centres around Gary who is desperately trying to keep the last surviving AM radio station in the galaxy afloat.  Broadcasting from an orbital space station Gary is joined with his cast of larger-than-life radio personalities.  The pilot features the crew discovering that their government funding is about to be cut and are forced to start a pledge drive (very meta considering the Kickstarter that got this project going).  Unfortunately, the crowdfunding campaign is sideswiped by strange fans and unexpected disasters.


The show is cram packed full of humour, especially when we meet the otherworldly cast and crew.  Gary is integral as our everyman hero, but characters like the prospective supervillain, Dr. Zeroz, or head-chopper-offer, Bluudgor, make his job much more difficult.  Additional crew like the ship’s computer and the radio announcer help to round things out with fun one-liners.  But, Arcana Thrice and Dream Girl #11 of 9 are the breakouts that make us hope that this show gets picked up for at least one season.


What happens with Oracle of Outer Space going forward is anyone’s guess.  However, creative genius, Carl King, is not sitting still on this one pilot.  Already, King has launched his next Kickstarter campaign for yet another animated series.  That Monster Show features a collection of 1960’s inspired monster characters desperately trying to escape their hell of living in Florida.  King promises that this is his best writing effort yet and fans should be excited for a surprise antagonist.  Funding for That Monster Show started collecting in March and is around $1000 short of its $6670 goal that closes on April 20th.  This is an all or nothing campaign, meaning if the goal is not reached the project is dead in the water, so get backing.



Whatever happens with Oracle of Outer Space or That Monster Show, adult animation fans should be excited by this up-and-coming creator.  Sometimes artists like this need a couple of trial runs under their belt before they can take off.  Learning the ropes takes time and even if these projects never take off King is the type to get things done and eventually he is going to gain the traction he deserves.  As great as Oracle of Outer Space is, it is even more exciting to think about what this may morph into in the future.

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