10 Reasons Why Home Movies Is One Of The Most Underrated Animated Series of All Time

There have been a number of excellent animated shows aimed at adults that never received their just dues.  Series’ like Axe Cop and Undergrads were canceled before their time to shine.  Typically, if an animation can push past those first couple seasons, they tend to enjoy some ramblings of a dedicated fan base.  Any show that has endured four seasons is in an illustrious club of under 30 television series’ all time.  But, out of that elite club, one show seemed to push through despite being before its time and underappreciated.

Home Movies was an American animated series developed by Tom Snyder Productions- known today as Soup2Nuts.  It featured a group of small children with dreams of producing films.  Between filming shorts, and going to school, they would often have to deal with their alcoholic soccer coach and a world of strange characters.  Home Movies endured a turbulent run, managing to squeeze out 52 episodes over four seasons.  While the series gained a cult following, it is often unrecognized for its accomplishments and is usually forgotten in the conversation of legendary animated shows.  Let’s review ten reasons why Home Movies deserved better ratings, and why we should all give it another watch.


10 Adult Animation Shows You Forgot Existed

Since early ground-breaking shows like The Flinstones and The Simpsons began capturing adult audiences, there have been hundreds of animation series’ aiming for the broader audience. It seems like every year there is a slew of new adult cartoons released, each more obscene than the last. For every show that has reached a level of success, there are ten behind it that have floundered, or simply vanished.

There are a few short-lived series’ like The Maxx or Clone High that have managed a cult following, and will always be remembered by a dedicated few. However, there is an extensive collection of shows that failed to get more than a dozen episodes released before that proverbial plug was pulled. Let’s have a look back at ten of these shows that have been pushed out of your memory, or you had no idea existed in the first place.