“Carl” from Aqua Teen Hunger Force Is Teasing Huge Announcement

We’re gonna clear up what will NOT be announced.

Dave Willis and the Twitter handle of Seattle, New Jersey resident “Carl” from Aqua Teen Hunger Force are teasing some sort of announcement for September 6th. As of now, we don’t know what that is, but the handle was quick to dispel the following:

1) No Aqua Teen Hunger Force news

2) No return to ESPN

Now, September 6th IS the day before the NFL season kicks off so the popular theory is that this will, in fact, be the return of Carl’s “Stone Cold Locks of the Century of the Week” where he picks the winners to a game, however the Twitter handle is teasing something a bit bigger than the picks. For my money, I think it’s gonna be the picks along with a contest where winners can go up against Carl and win some sort of big prize or a bunch of smaller prizes, however, this is really just guessing at this point.

Gonna have to wait til September 6th to find out!

John Schwarz

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