Catch it on CBC’s website and YouTube Channel this August.

No one was sure if Winston Rowntree’s sharply animated and deeply affecting web series People Watching would be back for a second season. The Subnormality cartoonist’s premiere season was hosted on, but after they downsized their video team in December, People Watching’s future seemed up in the air. Luckily, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has stepped in to host the show for a second season.

After raising nearly twenty-four thousand dollars through an Indiegogo campaign, People Watching will return in August for another round of ten episodes. The series concerns a diverse group of everyday people, thoughtfully and emotionally contemplating topics like depression, loneliness and the afterlife with biting wit and surprising sincerity.

Rowntree has been honing his dramatic chops for over a decade with his long-running webcomic Subnormality over at, and we are excited to see what he has in store for a second season. People Watching’s first season already won the BANFF World Media Festival’s Rockie Award for Best Digital Fiction Series and Best Fiction Web Series from the 2018 Canadian Screen Awards, but the new distributor might bring some international attention this time around.

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