Canada’s Nacho Night Studios Develop Peace out For Hire

Canada’s Nacho Night studios are edging further to the release of their first series, the heroically symbolic, Peace out For Hire. Check out some character designs after the break.

 Peace ot for hire

Nacho Night studios has bought to our attention his latest concept, Peace Out For Hire, a story of two Peace Symbols with a penchant for justice. Described as ” a buddy action comedy, through and through,” by Nacho Night head Ricky, you can watch the series take shape over on twitter as the animator fleshes out the character profiles one tweet at a time;  “It’s South Park meets Archer meets Homeland… meets uh Twitter.” he adds.

The idea of peacenik Fingers and his tattooed buddy Sym has been bouncing around Ricky’s head for some years but he feels he is now in a position to actualise the first script, by using the micro blogging platform as a sounding board for ideas: ” Twitter is just a fascinating medium for this show. Often times, the first thing a development executive will ask me is, what kind of world do your characters live in? Well, what’s there to know?  Its a weird, wonderful, yet increasingly dangerous world, where people can’t stop fighting. We got dictators, tyrants, The Westboro Church and the Paparazzi. There’s trouble around every corner.”  Ricky takes note that the virtual world gives rise to scenarios that might prove unlikely in real life: “What’s nice about building up the Peace Out story on Twitter is that these characters can go anywhere and talk to anyone they choose. One minute they are in Syria and Kiev having tea with Heads of State, the next thing you know they are at CPAC, heckling Sarah Palin and at SXSW chilling in the Samsung Lounge with Willie Nelson. New narratives are constantly unfolding, but the main purpose of being on Twitter is to give followers the opportunity to really get to know these characters and hopefully fall in love.  And the beauty of Twitter is that they can hop on and off the ride at their leisure.

 You can catch up with developments from Nacho Night via their tumblr, YouTube, and of course twitter.Hopefully next we hear from Ricky it will be to promote the finished show!