Bubbleblabber’s Definitive Top Twenty Animated Series of 2018

3) Human Kind Of

Courtesy: Facebook Watch/Cartuna

From a technical perspective, Human Kind Of has SERIOUS muscle. The alien character designs are excellent and for fans of the type of species seen on series like Futurama or Rick and Morty, you’re gonna feel right at home. Their details may not be as well constructed as those aforementioned franchises, but they do belong in the same league. There are also quite a few instances of sheer brilliance in terms of direction and that Joy Buran & Noelle Melody really should be given a slew of kudos, especially when we get to the last quarter of the season and we start seeing montage scenic routes of outer space, these guys strike chords that rival some of the bigger budgeted affair seen out there. It’s impressive really, a solid, but small team put together a series that’s one part Degrassi and one part Final Space.

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