Bubbleblabber’s Definitive Top Twenty Animated Series of 2018

Chances are, if a show is on this list that has been canceled, then it’s the network’s fault that it got canceled and shouldn’t be a reflection of the producers. It takes a team to win championships, and that applies to the entertainment business as well. These were the Twenty BestAnimated Series of 2018. Sound off on the comments with your list if you disagree.


South Park

Courtesy: South Park Studios

You’ll be hard-pressed as to find complaints with the 22nd season of South Park. Multiple arcs were introduced and that two-part finale is just as good as anything these guys have done in terms of wrapping everything up into a bow all the while touching on the “greatest hits” of the season’s highlights. It’s actually a showcase of South Park’s best feature, a binge-worthy effort that gives you enough hooks to keep you coming back for more and featured enough of the show’s classic characters to keep old school fans guessing. Sorry PC bitches, South Park’s here to stay and not going anywhere anytime soon.

Tender Touches

Courtesy: Adult Swim

Yes, the series is downright silly and, at times, completely underproduced comparative to the standards found in some of Adult Swim’s other quality programming. No one is confusing this show in terms of production value to say Mr. Pickles, it’s not even close. But, the story does a decent job of shining through, and really, half of the fun is when Charlene just goes off on tangents and of course all of the Operettas are solid gold in terms of their delivery and execution.

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