5) Ride Your Wave (English Dub)


Courtesy: GKIDS

Ride Your Wave is an absolute triumph and underneath its fantastical framework of surfing, music, and love is one of the more creative and inspiring stories about grief and loss that you’ll come across. It pairs its delightful visuals with some very heavy subject matter in a way that feels like a small step forward for Yuasa. Ride Your Wave may amount to “lesser Yuasa” in the end, but that still means that it’s one of the most gorgeous films that you’ll see this year and that it contains an exceptionally moving love story that will melt your heart. Hinako and Minato are some of the most enjoyable characters from out of Yuasa’s filmography and it’s impossible for their infectious magic to not rub off on you. If you’re able to catch this in theaters, it’s a must-see experience that will inspire everyone out there to not only go and find their wave, but ride it, too.

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