Bubbleblabber Now Supports The #DeleteFacebook Movement


As of today, Bubbleblabber.com has severed ties with Facebook and Instagram. This as a result of the Facebook selling the data of 87 million users to Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook sent a message to these users believed to be affected, saying the information likely included one’s “public profile, page likes, birthday and current city”. Some of the app’s users gave the app permission to access their News Feed, timeline, and messages. The data was detailed enough for Cambridge Analytica to create psychographical profiles of the subjects of the data.[The data also included the locations of each person.] For a given political campaign, the data was detailed enough to create a profile which suggested what kind of advertisement would be most effective to persuade a particular person in a particular location for some political event.

This is a blatant violation of information privacy and we stand with others like Elon Musk and countless others in the #DeleteFacebook campaign. Note, visitors can continue to get live updates from us via Twitter, RSS, our newsletter, and by signing up for notifications via the pop-up that appears when you visit Bubbleblabber. Visitors can continue to share our articles on Facebook and we will continue coverage of “Facebook Watch” programming.

John Schwarz

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