Bongo Comics Is Likely Coming To An End

The end of an era…

After 25 long years, Matt Groening‘s own comic book publisher, who puts out comics of The Simpsons tied within his iconic universe will all come to an end with the final Simpsons issue being #245 which was also announced at the SDCC 2018 Bongo Booth, and recently from Bongo Creative Director, Nathan Kane’s Instagram.

Growing up, I remember reading some comics here and there tied with Bongo’s run of the Simpsons comics which in a number of ways helped expand their universe. Heck, they once even did a Futurama Comic crossover in 2002, 12 years before an animated crossover became a reality.

The final comic which is considered to be Bongo’s “swan-song” will be released later in October, But be sure to check back at Bubbleblabber for future updates on the matter along with news on all things animated.

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