Even though $40 is on the cheaper side of things when talking about Blu-ray anime home releases, if you’re gonna have the balls to release ANY home release in 2019 at that cost you better make sure it’s friggin’ worth it. Fortunately, just on the strength of show alone, Megalobox is one of those “keepers” that should be in everyone’s collections. Already slaying the year as one of the best international series of the year, Megalobox’s 13 episodes should be watching for anyone regardless if you know the manga like the bible or if you hate the anime industry, this is one of those franchises that at the very least you should watch a couple of episodes first before you make a decision. If you aren’t hooked by the fifth episode, then there may be no hope for you.

For those that want to delve deeper into the world of Megalobox, the Blu-Ray should be without question your next stop. First of all, the Blu-Ray box comes with it an excellent in-depth art gallery featuring interviews, promo shots, sketches, and a whole bunch more that should be of interest to those who love the artwork and may want to read from the Japanese producers additional insight on the boxing anime. Not a reader? No worries, the home release features a bunch of English and Japanese language special features like interviews, trailer, an audio drama and more. Maybe the one downside to the home release is that I would’ve liked more special features in the form of additional episode commentaries or maybe behind the scenes footage at the studios. In any event, Megalobox Season One on Blu-Ray is a winner in a year that needs home release winners.

Purchase Megalobox Season One here.

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