Axe Cop: Creator says animated series/comic future very much in doubt

Obligatory anime action sequence, ACTIVATE!

Money is a fickle motherfucker. Everyone wants it, because everyone needs it to survive. Such is the reason why it appears the future of Axe Cop comics is very much in shades of grey.

According to a Facebook post put out by franchise co-creator Ethan Nicolle, he hasn’t been producing any new Axe Cop comics as of late because he’s been writing for Veggie Tales, and really Axe Cop (nor Bearmageddeon for that matter) are really making the dough for him to support his wife and kid.

Worse yet, when he brings up the topic of the Axe Cop animated series, it looks as though after two seasons, that may be dead.

As for the TV show, I don’t know what is next for it. I suspect it is done but I have not heard anything.

That’s not a good sign. It takes nine months to produce an animated series for TV, so if he hasn’t heard anything right now, then we are at least a couple of years away from a third season of Axe Cop. 

Overall, this is kinda shitty news, but you really can’t fault Ethan. The guy has to make a living and put food on the table, and as of now, his web comics revenue just isn’t there. If nothing else, I hope he does something else, and I really hope Malachai comes back because the duo put together six volumes of lore that will stand the test of time much in the same way V For Vendetta and A Long Halloween has done for their respected authors.