Attack on Titan Season 3 Comes To Toonami This August!

Attack on Release Dates!

Keeping the ball rolling on their big announcements, Toonami will be debuting the English Dub of Attack on Titan’s third season on August 18th, the same day as the beginning of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable. Or at least, that’s what we’re guessing for now, as Funimation’s Simuldub Schedule has yet to list a release date of AoT’s dub, and the release on Toonami would fit in line with their usual gaps between subbed and dubbed releases.

The quickness of this announcement is actually a sign of building confidence in the revived anime block, as the first season had to wait over a year to air in English, while the second was only about a month apart from the subbed release. This new season will be taking over for the current airing of Space Dandy, which will conclude on August 4th. It’s unclear what will fill in that space in the schedule for the week in between, August 11th, but plans will likely become clear soon.

Whatever those plans turn out to be, the return of this series has been long awaited, even getting a special debut for the first episode in theaters last week. So, check out the official announcement here and stay updated with all future news and reviews about Attack on Titan on Bubbleblabber in the coming months.

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