As Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Gets Captured, Remember How Lucky We Are As Cartoon Fans

That’s still very light.

Not all countries have to deal with ludicrous content restrictions. Despite morons that wish we would be that one day, we here in America have it pretty good. Other countries, let’s say Lithuania, are worried about the long-term effects of kids watching The Simpsons whereas here in America Hulu’s recent data tells us that Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, and South Park are doing just fine, however, we sometimes take this for granted.

For example, CNN reports that a suspect linked to the grisly Charlie Hebdo murders, Peter Cherif, was apprehended and reportedly worked with other terrorists like Cherif and Said Kouachi in committing those crimes. All because Charlie Hebdo released a satirical cartoon featuring the Prophet Muhammad, a fictional character, in a seemingly unfettering viewpoint. Clearly some people are fine with satire, others take it too seriously and that was certainly the case here and it’s unfortunate that expression is dealt with in a such horrific way. Hopefully, this arrest helps heal those wounds sooner rather than later.

John Schwarz

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