SDCC 2014 Notes on Archer Heading Back to Its Roots for Season 6

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It’s all fun & games until the cocaine runs out.

At least that’s the case according to Archer creator Adam Reed, who explained why his series is ditching the drug smuggler theme in favor of once again becoming a show about spies in Season 6. “We ran out of cocaine!” Reed told an enormous crowd at Comic-Con. “We treated Season 5 as a vacation. We’re happy to be home, and we’re excited to get back to what we normally do after a fun summer of cocaine.”

In the premiere episode, which was received with raucous applause and cheering from the audience, the ISIS team returned to their offices along with their newest member: Lana’s baby. In an alternate storyline, Archer – decked out in Army fatigues – bonded with a Japanese despot while bombs and blast rang out around them on a stranded island. Speaking of Sterling, we shouldn’t expect much of a change for the show’s star, Reed said, as Archer will continue his quest to resist becoming a better person. Changing things in regard to Sterling wouldn’t be especially wise anyway, considering the showlanded its first Emmy nod last season for Outstanding Voiceover Performance by H. Jon Benjamin.

Speaking of voices make the ones in my head stop a few famous ones will appear this season. Christian Slater will return as Slater, since ISIS will continue working with the CIA, and Fargo’s Allison Tolman will guest voice as Edie, Pam’s sister.

Reed was asked about future crossover episodes as well, with someone inquiring about The Walking Dead. “I don’t think the FX business affairs department would be happy with that,” he joked. However, panel moderator Dominic Patten (of Deadline) suggested The Strain or The Americans instead – an idea that was received a bit more warmly.

Season 6 of Archer will premiere sometime in 2015.

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