Adult Swim To Showcase “The Animated Adventures Of Jack Decker” Pilot




Set to air on July 3rd @ Midnight ET/PT only on Adult Swim will be the animated spin-off pilot episode of longtime series Decker. Known as The Animated Adventures of Jack Decker, not much is known about the show at this juncture, but one would assume it stars Tim Heidecker in the leading role of “Jack Decker”. The original live-action series was a spin-off of the popular On-Cinema web series that featured the likes of Heidecker and Gregg Turkington.

In Decker, agents Jack Decker(Heidecker) and Jonathan Kington (Turkington) fight to protect America. Since the show, an unraveling of sorts over the years would occur including Tim being tried for murder after an outdoor festival went awry, and Turkington threatening to host his own On-Cinema web series.

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