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Adult Swim series Tuca & Bertie and Rick and Morty are both premiering new seasons over the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the streaming methods in which to get both are going to be wildly different depending on where you live in the world. For example, Tuca & Bertie season two won’t be available to stream on HBO MAX until 2022 (and no, the service isn’t getting the first season from Netflix). The show is expected to premiere weekly on Adult Swim starting June 13th with ten new episodes on the way, but other than a temporary window for streaming on, binge streaming will have to wait until next year.
As for Rick and Morty season five, new episodes will stream on HBO GO Asia starting June 21st. Similar to SHOWMAX’s deal in South Africa, Rick and Morty seems to get a better streaming deal internationally than it does here in the United States.
Radiotimes has exclusively revealed that Rick and Morty season five will feature guest stars Timothy Olyphant, Christina Ricci and Alison Brie, plus the return of Susan Sarandon as Dr.Wong. Kanye West will NOT be a part of this upcoming season.

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Corus Entertainment’s Adult Swim Canada has been very busy this last month. With the recent announcement of the local network’s first original series pickup, the network has announced a number of original series are coming with new seasons this fall which should have some sort of inclination of when they are going to premiere this Fall. Network VP Jason DeMarco had been teasing that news was coming shortly on his trio of action series including Blade Runner, Fena, and Uzumaki, and now it looks as though at least one of those are coming this Fall. Here’s an excerpt from a press release released by the Canadian media conglomerate:

Two years after its arrival in Canada, Adult Swim continues to perform as a Top 20 specialty network* delivering distinctive original animated comedies and live-action programming to a dedicated fan base. This fall, Adult Swim ushers in brand new animated series Teenage Euthanasia, centering around the Fantasy family and their inland Florida funeral home, Tender Endings, and Smiling Friends, an animated take on self-help, in which Smiling Friends Inc. is there to lend a helping hand to any city inhabitant who calls their hotline with their troubling situation. Blade Runner: Black Lotus, an anime series set in the world of the Blade Runner film franchise, is also set to premiere this fall. New seasons of  Robot ChickenSquidbillies, Archer, and Harley Quinn also return.

Squidbillies is expected to embark on it’s first season without Unknown Hinson in the driver’s seat as the voice of “Early”. On the other hand, Archer embarks on what is expected to be the last of Malory Archer’s contributions to the show given that the character’s actress, Jessica Walter had recently passed away.

The other day I was watching Wheel of Fortune where they where ViacomCBS spent big bucks on the show promoting the fact that the entirety of the Indiana Jones catalog is being re-released on 4K. With media conglomerates increasingly moving to extreme measures to either censor or provide silly warnings, I’m expecting a growth in home release purchases over the next several years because it will allow people to purchase things as they were intended without any chance of alterations being made. WarnerMedia knows this and as such has announced a plethora of Adult Swim home re-releases over the next couple of months that you should know about. These include Venture Bros seasons two and threeMetalocalypse seasons one and two, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force season one. It’s worth also noting that all of these franchises will also get feature-length sequel films that will be made available via digital e-tailers first before they make their way over to HBO MAX, a streaming service that has had it’s fair share of technical issues in the last week.

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