Adult Swim has begun airing episodes of ‘Unsupervised’


Early this morning at around 1 am EST, Adult Swim had aired the pilot episode of one-time FX series, Unsupervised. 

For those that don’t know, Unsupervised was an animated series that last aired in December of 2012 and despite the fact that the series came on after FX’s Archer, the series could not quite catch on fire probably due to the fact that it aired opposite MTV’s Jersey Show and was subsequently cancelled much to the chagrin of many a commenter that comes to our site. The series was produced by David Hornsby (It’s Always Sunny) and featured best friends Gary (Justin Long) and Joel (Hornsby) as they traverse through high school.

What airing on Adult Swim means for a potential renewal is beyond me. Similarly, last year Adult Swim has been airing episodes of the FOX cancelled  Sit Down, Shut Up! So, I’m curious if Adult Swim is just filling up 30 minute blocks or if they are testing the waters on cancelled shows to see potential for pick ups.