Adult Swim Festival was in full force over the weekend. The event featured giveaways, watch parties, live chats, and plenty of great music. 

Although, most exciting for fans was the live panels for some of Adult Swim’s greatest content.

Included in the Festival line-up was a panel featuring Tuca & Bertie. The former Netflix series is set to premiere its second season exclusively on Adult Swim next year.

The adorable feminist animation focuses on the unique friendship between the two 30-year-old titular bird characters. The series explores the dynamics between the extroverted Tuca and anxiety-ridden Bertie.

The special Adult Swim Festival panel was moderated by Vulture’s Jen Chaney. Ali Wong, the voice of Bertie, was the only member of the voice cast in live attendance. However, Tiffany Haddish (Tuca) and Steven Yeun (Speckle) were both able to prerecord messages and answers. In a virtual panel that is as good as anything. Especially considering the number of pre-recorded panels we have seen this year in other events like San Diego Comic-con.

Thankfully, show creator Lisa Hanawalt did make the live event. The comedic writer/cartoonist is always a pleasure to watch in panels. Her unique outlook and humour are refreshing compared to the generic answers typically delivered in panels such as these.

Majority of the live discussion was focused on character insights from the writers and cast. These are complex personalities coming through the show, so the added insight is welcome. But what is more interesting is the connection to the characters that is almost unanimously shared among everyone.

Of course, the burning questions involve the upcoming second season.

Unfortunately, the panel did not confirm any solid release dates. The best that is offered is a 2021 release.

Although, fans can take comfort in the fact that the show has had no hiccups despite the crazy year it has been. Like most of the animated shows out there, transferring production remotely has been seamless for Tuca & Bertie. Recordings have been taped through makeshift home studios. Additionally, Hanawalt is confident in the direction of production and the writer’s room.

There were a couple of subtle hints as to what to expect for the next season. Bertie will continue the advancement of her business and emotional well-being. Tuca will be dating more and could even find herself in a full-fledged relationship. And, of course, Speckle will go on some “crazy capers”.

Prompted about potential upcoming guest stars Hanawalt was uncertain about naming names. Though her excitement is clear, and she promises they are “really good”. Continuing with a “promise, they’re great”. And it is easy to believe her when looking back at the names that appeared in season one.

As a special treat, the panel did feature our first look at the upcoming season. The animatic featured the titular characters at a male strip club in ‘plant town’. After some detailed tomato people put on a performance, the female birds get a bit too rowdy.

The panel concluded with some live fan Q&A. Most of which was searching to find the answers to Hanawalt’s unique comedic style and her inspirations.

Adult Swim Festival delivered plenty of great moments. And this panel was effective in getting us excited for Tuca & Bertie to land on Adult Swim. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait much longer.

Season one of Tuca & Bertie is available to stream on Netflix.

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