Adult Swim Festival: Lazor Wulf Season 2 Panel Recap

Adult Swim Festival pulled out all the stops for their first virtual convention, including fun panels for all their upcoming and returning shows, as well as several musical performances. Among those was a panel for the incoming return of Lazor Wulf, whose second season begins later this year. The panel, moderated by Trill Weathers, brought together creator Henry Bonsu, writer and voice of Blazor Wulf Quinta Brunson, writer Judnick Mayord, and voice of Canon Wulf Big E. Much was discussed regarding the process of writing the show, the fun the cast and crew have with playing their respective characters, how the quarantine had impacted the writing, and some notable moments in the writers room as they were developing the show, along with a clip of Season 2.

Though one notable viewpoint by Judnick Mayord was how the show has stood out from its peers and been unlike other things on the network in its mood and tone. She mentions how, while most things in television are put together by pointing to other existing shows it wants to be like, Lazor Wulf didn’t need to point to anything to be exactly what it is, which she notes possibly comes from the relatively diverse writers room that allows for different streams of thought and voices when putting together an episode.

Lazor Wulf Season 2 Premieres December 6th. Watch this panel here.

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