English Dub Review: Call of the Night “12th Night: My Mom’s Out Tonight”



What does it mean to be a vampire? Why does Ko want to become one? A chat with a friend reveals Ko’s lack of answers to these all-important questions.

Our Take:

I think one thing this episode nails is how things we want change. One second all he wants is to be a vampire but when he’s confronted with the reality of what that could mean it leaves him shocked and confused. Which is something I think we all have gone through, and something Nazuna said really stuck with me. If you do something unordinary enough it eventually becomes ordinary.

Growing up I wanted to be an NFL quarterback more than anything. When I look at that through the lens of what Nazuna says it becomes really interesting. What I look at as this amazing dream is ordinary for a few people. I could never imagine a lot of those things and it’s just a normal day to them, I thought it was an interesting thing she said.

From a story standpoint, I think we all know that Ko is going to keep walking this path to immortality but I am glad this episode happened. Without being faced with any adversity the story would become stale and boring. Though one episode before the last was a long time to wait who knows, it could pay off.