#WebsDay: @Pantera/@MetalInjection/Joey Siler – “Cooking Hostile With Phil Anselmo”




It’s no secret that heavy metal and animation go hand in hand. So to see arguably one of the greatest lead singers in heavy metal history take over a profession that I clearly hold dear to my heart, you better believe I’m gonna get excited! For those of you who may not know, Phil fronted Pantera and now does so for Down and a few other bands. But it’s safe to say that Pantera is what he’ll be most known for. So the creators of this little video decided to take some of Phil’s most famous Pantera lyrics and give them a bit of a culinary twist, all of which are resoundingly successful in my eyes. I am a big fan of parody, especially when it comes to music. Most people’s minds immediately go to Weird Al when parody music comes up but that’s not entirely the point I’m trying to make. Hit up YouTube and search any “misinterpreted lyrics” videos and you’ll see that parody music is a much broader and prettier brushstroke than just singing about being “White and Nerdy.” The artwork is a bit rough and choppy, but completely acceptable when it relates to the subject matter. When I’m listening to metal I don’t imagine large, dark outlines, bright colors or anime smiles and I hope to Amon Amarth that you don’t either. A special shout out must go out to the Pantera cover band, Good Friends & A Bottle Of Whiskey, for their incredible renditions of some of the songs that shaped my childhood. The man who created this video also fronts that band as well.


#WebsDay Score – (10/10)


(@chefrichBB)’s top 5 Pantera songs, not in any type of order: Walk, 5 Minutes Alone, Domination, Cemetary Gates, and Cat Scratch Fever.

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