W2W2nite 6/4/15: Fusion and FXX


Like, Share, Die ”Tinderstellar Frat Boys”


Matthew McConaughey awards himself; Josh and Liz go Tindersteller; Kung Fu Karl battles cats; Miss Audry puts a Frat Boy in his place and the curb crew discusses Jail vs a Bus Ride. Like, Share, Die is all-new tonight @ 10:30 pm ET/PT, check your local listings. Watch a clip here.


Animation Domination – Major Lazer: No Killing, Just Tasing

There’s only one way to get these jokers to stop dancing. All new episodes of Major Lazer Thursdays at Midnight on FXX.

Animation Domination – Major Lazer: Sealed With A Kiss

You just got gooshed. Major Lazer smokes his enemies Thursdays at Midnight on FXX.

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