Shorts Review: Executioner and Friend – Bludgeon, The Beater (Ep #3)


Spoilers Below

Executioner and Friend are on their way to capture a bounty, so on the way Executioner decides to teach Friend a few things about being meaner to people when talking to them. Unfortunately, Friend doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and even when he does finally conjure up the courage to start mouthing off to the bounty aka Bludgeon, it doesn’t work because Bludgeon ends up being flattered. This impresses Executioner enough because it allows him to collect the reward rather easily, but moving forward it’s hard to imagine Friend changing much.

Our Take

Overall, a rather funny episode. I continue to be impressed by the character designs of the show and the banter between Executioner and Friend is well-written and laden with humor. I love the soundtrack, too, and I continue to enjoy watching this show.


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