Review: Übermansion ‘Pilot’


Spoilers Below

Walter Fucking White. Dammit, does this show ever know the way to my heart. It’s almost unfair to start a show with Bryan Cranston being the first character voice you hear – especially when the season premier of Breaking Bad is only two weeks away. Adding Seth Green to the mix as a voice actor and creator (as part of Stoopid Monkey productions) and this show already looks good, on paper at the very least.

The premise revolves around a superhero team (The League of Freedom) consisting of Titanium Rex (Cranston), Black Saturn, Cooch, American Ranger, Robobot, and Brad. Without getting too much into the plot, it’s a superhero vs. villain show where the production value is surprisingly high for a random pilot. Think Robot Chicken-style claymation, but crisper.

Like RC, the writing is very funny. The characters already have clearly-defined roles and attitudes, which is very impressive overall for a first attempt. The jokes range from farts to sex to politics and religion, and all of it manages to balance out quite harmoniously. For instance, they’ll go for innocent humor a kid would laugh at, but then pull a line like, “You’re so far in the red, you’re like a Pilgrim at an Indian brothel.”

Though there’s only been one episode of Übermansion, it is clear the creators know what they’re doing because the show just plain works. I found myself laughing throughout and would probably place this series neck-and-neck with the pilot for Rolling With Dad as the best thus far. However, Übermansion appears to have the higher potential. Though RWD was definitely funny, I’m excited more excited to see where ÜM goes, and how it grows, and honestly you should be too.

And if I didn’t sell you on it yet, the show also featured a metal version of Hava Nagila. Mazel tov!






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