Review: Dr. Katz’s Audio Files Season 1

Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist might be one of the best examples of a cult adult animated series. No new episodes have aired since 2002, and I’ll admit that my first experience with it came from a Family Guy cutaway gag. However, clearly, Amazon believes that a small but passionate fanbase for the show is still out there since their audiobook service Audible has been quietly releasing a new 15-episode season since June.


APAC: The Simpsons vanishes from Aussie free-to-air TV, pray for Mojo

Just when it seemed like Australia’s Channel Ten might be out of the woods. Negotiations between Channel Ten and 20th Century Fox over the Australian free-to-air broadcasting rights to the new seasons of The Simpsons and other shows have stalled, causing the network to cease all Fox programming until a deal is made. It seems the fact that Ten has been the home of The Simpsons for 25 years wasn’t enough for Fox, who are reportedly unhappy with Ten’s current bid.


Review: Futurama “Radiorama”

Four long years after the animated series seemingly ended for good, the entire Futurama cast has returned for a one-shot installment. Also, a Futurama mobile game called Worlds of Tomorrow launched a few months ago, I wonder if the timing is just a coincidence?

As we’ve pointed out on this site before, the twist of the new episode is that it’s a podcast, so the series’ instantly recognizable art style has been abandoned in favor of a War of the Worlds-style radio play format. It’s also double the usual length, which doesn’t have any obvious reasoning behind it like the new format, but definitely increased my anticipation.